Vision - Role of the EIBA

EIBA Plan 2017- 2021
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The EIBA plan covers the following areas:

  • Recruit and Retain 45+; Recruit and Retain 70+ - two different markets which requires us to find a way to grow both specific groups. The 45+ requiring new versions/formats – the 70+ wishing to keep the current formats.
  • Facilities – Build, Improve, Retain
  • Youth and the Family
  • Women – increased participation and retention
  • Disability
  • Competitions
  • Internationals
  • Promotion of our Sport
  • Commercial partnerships

EIBA Objectives

  • A growth in participation across the adult population in local Communities. Targeted work to increase Female participation
  • A growth in participation in the 12-18 age range as part of the “EIBA Development Pathway”
  • The provision of an excellent sporting experience for new and existing participants
EIBA Vision picture of bowls
EIBA Vision picture of bowls

A growth in Indoor Bowls participation by people who have disabilities EIBA is keen to work with:

  • Affiliated Clubs, Affiliated County Associations and Affiliated Bodies who are established for the promotion of the sport of Indoor Bowls
  • County Sports Partnerships
  • Local Authorities/Leisure Operators

The EIBA priorities are:

  1. Recruitment of Participants
  2. Retention of Participants
  3. Clubs obtaining “Clubmark Accreditation”
  4. Retention and Improvement of Facilities
  5. New Indoor facilities in areas of Low-Supply and High-Demand

EIBA “Recruit and Retain Strategy”

The EIBA “Recruit and Retain Strategy” is to concentrate on the family aspect of our Sport. This means that we are keen for all of our Clubs to avail themselves of opportunities for “increasing participation” and “improving the experience” of all able-bodied or disabled participants in Bowls – Young, Middle Aged or the Over 50’s

Clubs owned by the Club/Local Authority-Leisure Operator managed Indoor Bowls Sites

We are very keen to work with the Club and the Centre staff to develop their Plans for:

  • Creating a robust and thriving Bowling Club on their site, which operates for 12 months a year.
  • Ongoing relationships between an Indoor Club and Leisure Operator.

Bowls Development Alliance (BDA)
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Bowls Development Alliance

The Bowls Development Alliance(BDA) is funded by Sport England to support the work of Bowls England (BE) and the English Indoor Bowling Association (EIBA) in the development of flat green lawn bowls. For the funding period 2017-2021 this funding focuses on the delivery of:

  • Club Development Programme: supports clubs across the country where they have identified greatest need.
  • Play Bowls Package Scheme: supports clubs with their recruitment. 
  • Coach Bowls: providing qualifications for coaches and developing the best tutor workforce to deliver these qualifications across the whole sport including BE, EIBA, BCGBA and ESMBA
  • Facilities: providing funding support for BE and EIBA to research the facility requirements of their clubs


Alongside these core objectives the BDA works with key partners on:

  • Safeguarding: ensuring the sport is safe for everyone to play by working across all five National Governing Bodies(NGBs) to have policies and processes in place. Training is also available to support the network of Club Safeguarding Officers.
  • Disability: the BDA works in partnership with Disability Bowls England, Activity Alliance, BE and the EIBA to ensure everyone regardless of disability can access the sport of bowls.
  • Women Can: the BDA are driving a campaign alongside BE and the EIBA to encourage more women to play bowls, coach bowls and volunteer in bowls.
  • Equality & Diversity: the BDA, BE and the EIBA are all striving to ensure the sport of bowls is as diverse as it can be.


For more detailed information on the work of the BDA contact:

Lisa Graham : Managing Director
[email protected]

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