Ranking Lists

Description of Ranking

The Ranking list is based on a player’s performance in the Associations Championship events (Singles, Pairs, Triples, Fours and the Champion of Champions), the BIIBC & BIWIBC Championships, and International appearances.

The championships for which points are awarded are open to every member of a club affiliated to the Association on an equal basis each year.

The ranking takes into account a players performance over a five year period (Junior International appearances over the last two years only), this being the length of time over which selectors would judge a players performance. Most recent performances will merit higher points than those of previous years and the system calculations takes this into account.

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Calculation of a Players Ranking

Each player qualifying for the final stages of the National Championships (Singles, Pairs, Triples, Fours & Champion of Champions) will be awarded ONE POINT on reaching this stage (Last 16) and ONE EXTRA POINT for each subsequent game won, a potential of five points for each event.

In addition, each player will earn ONE POINT on reaching the final of the British Isles Indoor Bowls Council Championships in each event and ONE EXTRA POINT for winning a BIIBC title (Maximum of 2 points for event)

Points are calculated on the following basis: -


Championship Events

Senior International Appearances

Junior International Appearances

Latest year


3 points (one for each game played)

1.5 points

Previous year


2 points

1 point

Two years previous


1.5 points


Three years previous


1 point


Four years previous


0.5 points


The Resultant Totals for each player are then multiplied by a factor of 10.

It is anticipated that the existence of an English Ranking List will generate interest both amongst players and within the press.

The Ranking list will be updated annually at the end of the Indoor Season (June).

Mens Ranking List Ladies Ranking List

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