1. It’s Simple to pick up......you can learn to play bowls in just seconds
  2. but it takes a lifetime to master.....However good you become there will always be more you can learn!
  3. And that means anyone can beat anyone on their day.....The great thing is one shot can change the game, no matter who is playing.
  4. It’s Social...A great activity for friends and family and a great way of making new friends and being part of a community.
  5. It doesn’t discriminate. It’s a non-contact sport for all people of all abilities, ages, genders, shapes and sizes!
  6. It’s accessible. There are no physical barriers to play bowls (including wheelchair users) making this one of the most accessible sports of all.
  7. It develops hand to eye co-ordination And it does so in an environment where practice makes perfect, but you can develop at your own pace.
  8. Compete on your terms Whether you prefer to play alone or as a team player, play against mates or join a team, there are loads of options.
  9. There’s a pathway to success If you want to play for more than fun there is a pathway for becoming an elite player
  10. It’s competitive, but fun It’s brilliant fun for all

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